Winter Breaker





Injustice: Year Two - “Chapter 13”

written by Tom Taylor
art by Bruno Redondo

That’s incredibly sad…

Holy shit, Harley…

Sorry that sound is my heart cracking in two.

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I dream about Google Fibre.

No seriously, you don’t understand how shit my internet connection is.

Still better than the dark day’s of 36K modems though.

But still I dream.



instead of, you know, actually reading, I’ve been searching for even more books to read. ya feel?

I feel.

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Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1


Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

I have such extensive notes for my magic book series that everyday I don’t work on it breaks my heart.

One of my problems is that it looks YA (Teenagers, high school) except for the fact that there is in all likelihood going to be explicit sex in it. Probably a polyamourous relationship as well.

I fear that writing it will be a waste of time since no publisher will touch it and if I self-publish it Amazon will take it down.

So I’ve been going to the gym right.

And exercise is supposed to help alleviate depression and help you sleep better.

Lies! Filthy, dirty, wretched lies!

I’m still going to the gym again tomorrow. But just sayian about the lies.

I just tried describing the Kushiel’s Dart series to one of my besties


I came up with “if a sex positive feminist pro-prostitution BDSM person wrote game of thrones and was a history major”



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The weirdest thing is that people talk about “coming out” as if it’s this big momentous thing that only happens once while in actual fact it’s something that you do almost every single day every time you talk to a new person every time you’re in a new situation you’re constantly weighing your options, the ability to be your true self vs the advantages of being a false self and honestly it’s so fucking exhausting

Christ this is so fucking true I can’t even

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carpe diem - seize the day

carpe noctem - seize the night

carpe natem - seize the ass

Seriously, if you guys don’t stop reblogging this I am going to carpe someone’s neck and break it.

carpe collum - seize the neck

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