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And Now A Distinguished English Professor Attempts to Dissect the Subtext of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake"
Rihanna: Come and put your name on it, Your name on it
English Professor: Here she is inviting a man to own her. She is confronting misogyny and the belief that women even in today's society are still property, fortunate to be owned my a male counterpart. She is attacking gender roles head on and asking to be that submissive and demure plaything that society desires her to be.
Rihanna: Bet you wanna put your name on it, Put your name on it, Come and put your name on it Baby
English Professor: She taunts the man, or men in general, and challenges them to live up to their masculine stereotype. She begs them to cave to societies pressure and become that possessive alpha male. She is poking fun at again at the view of genders as a whole.
Rihanna: It's not even my birthday, But he want to lick the icing off
English Professor: Here she is further attempting to break through barriers by being altruistic in the face of being treated like common law property. The use of cake symbolizes her femininity and willingness to give all of herself to this man and in a sense all men. She gives him the opportunity to "lick the icing" even though it's hers to enjoy. She is self-sacrificing in the face of adversity.
Rihanna: I know you want it in the worst way, Can't wait to blow my candles out
English Professor: What a simple statement. He wants to take her "cake" and "blow her candles out". Here I think she is talking about her identity as a whole. He wants to consume and snuff her light out and cast her in his shadow. She is sensing this and teasing him with that knowledge. Women for years have been forced to walk in men's shadows and here this is her counter revolution to that. She uses her strength, through her femininity, to entrap and entice this man, or again all men, and trick them into thinking she is weak. It's an amazing dichotomy of power and vulnerability. Brava.
Rihanna: He want that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake
English Professsor: She echoes her sentiment about the desire to consume her as a whole. For a man, or society, to swallow her up and silence her voice. They want to take everything from her, tear her down and make her disappear. The only thing left is crumbs. A side note, the reference to birthday cake maybe a subtle nod to Mothers who ultimately bring life into the world. They, although downtrodden throughout history, have been the silent life force for our planet. Rihanna is truly touching my soul today.
Rihanna: Oh baby, I like it, Your so excited, Imma make you my bitch
English Professor: she has really flipped gender roles. Men are now "bitches" or a derogatory slur reserved typically for women only. And she has mad him the submissive. She has assumed the dominating force in the relationship. In a sense she is saying that society wanted her silenced but once they "tasted" her she was the one in charge. Male centric society is now essentially women in generals bitch.
Rihanna: I know you wanna bite this, It's so enticing, Nothing else like this, Imma make you my bitch
English Professor: the layperson it would seem that this is simply a reference to the act of cunnilingus to be performed upon Rihanna. But I think it's a bigger picture. She now has obtained the upper hand with her "cake" and is now asking society as a whole to reflect upon themselves and understand where women now stand. They are the cornerstones of a successful civilization and unless men change their archaic views then we are doomed as a species. On a grand scale she is demonstrating the power women have. They have what men want and need. And not just on a sexual level, they are the procreators. They are the no longer the perverbial hand maidens, content to idly sit by and watch as men try to steal everything they have to offer. No, women will hold it over their heads and thrive as the new alphas.
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